Google Analytics 4 for eCommerce

Master Google's latest data platform to grow your online revenue.

Is your online store prepared for GA4?

Universal Analytics will sunset in July 2023. The time to act is now.

Data literacy is essential to running a high-growth eCommerce store, and Google Analytics is the most popular analytics platform. However, Google has recently announced that they will be sunsetting Universal Analytics on July 1 2023. You need to start transitioning to GA4 as soon as possible - and I'm here to help.

What's new in GA4?

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics and will replace Universal Analytics by July 2023. The new features include:

  • An events-driven data model that increases the accuracy of online reporting

  • Improved user identification and tracking between devices and sessions

  • A new focus on acquisition, customer lifetime value and new metrics for customer behaviour

  • Enhanced customisation, so you can slice and dice your data to work for your business

What you'll learn

Whether you're a store owner, marketer, designer or developer, learn how to setup, customise and draw valuable insights from GA4.

  • Best Practice Integration

    We can't import UA data into GA4 - so the sooner you get setup, the less manual handling you'll have to do for year-on-year comparisons. I'll show you best practice eCommerce integration for GA4 with and walk you through accurate store customisation, step-by-step.

  • The Fundamentals of GA4

    GA4 looks a lot different to UA - and it functions differently too. I not only take you on a live tour of the platform, but show how you can use GA4’s new data features to draw insights that will grow your business.

  • How to How to Analyse Data

    One of GA4's newest features is Exploration reports, which help you better understand your data and gather actionable insights. I’ll show you how to setup the most valuable Exploration reports for your business.

  • How to Backup Your Old Data

    Historical data is essential for context, but there’s no ability to import UA data into GA4. I’ll show you how you can backup and reconcile these data sources so you can minimise interruptions in your reporting.

  • Attribution & Audiences

    I cover some of the most popular sections from my original course on UA, updated for GA4. I’ll show you how you can use the new audiences feature to your advantage and understand attribution models and user paths for more high quality traffic.

  • Updates As They Arrive

    GA4 is an evolving platform with new features and changes released each month - I'll keep you updated on anything that's relevant for eCommerce and continue releasing sections, to keep you ahead of the curve.

BONUS: Google Data Studio Templates

Analyse the metrics that really matter to your business - automatically!

The most popular content from my original course is back and updated for GA4. You'll get access to my most valuable Google Data Studio dashboards, newly improved and updated for GA4 - so you can design amazing analytics dashboards and take the manual work out of reporting. These are the same dashboards I use in my own consulting business, valued at over $2,000.


What they said about my previous course, GA for eCommerce

Brilliant for anyone in eCommerce

Vera Yan, Co-Founder @ Nimble Activewear

The content is so much more relevant than the standard GA courses available as it focuses on how to use data to make better business decisions. This is a must for our whole team & will now form a key part of our training program for any new starters.

I absolutely LOVED this course!

Jennifer Chambers, COO @ Ohne

I am recommending GA for eCommerce to EVERYONE in our business because it's so important that everyone understands our business' metrics. This course was so comprehensive and engaging.

The best course I've taken

Al Martin, Shopify Developer

This has by far been the best analytics course I've taken because it focuses solely on eCommerce and only on what you need to know. My clients have absolutely loved it too and are weaving data into their team culture.

I'm so much more confident now

Phoebe Simmonds, Co-Founder @ the memo

Wow, I knew the basics of GA but now I am so much more confident! This by far the best data course for eCommerce I've come across. I loved Kate's contextual teaching style and the live data analysis and examples provided.

What's included

    1. 3.1 - Why accurate setup is important in GA4

    2. 3.2 - Why you need to setup GA4 now (not later)

    3. 3.3 - GA4's eCommerce integration explained

    4. 3.4 - Integrating Google Tag Manager on Shopify

    5. 3.5a - Client side vs Server side tagging

    6. 3.5B - Options to Integrate GA4 on your store

    7. 3.6 - Option 2 - Step-by-step walkthrough

    8. 3.7 - Verifying your GA4 setup

    1. 4.1 - Excluding referral traffic

    2. 4.2 - Excluding internal traffic

    3. 4.3 - Enable Google signals

    4. 4.4 - Cross-domain tracking

    5. 4.5 - Expand data retention

    6. 4.6 - Review GA4's attribution models

    7. 4.7 - Connect Google products

    1. 5.1 - Overview of GA4 Reports

    2. 5.2 - Real time reports

    3. 5.3 - First user acquisition report

    4. 5.4 - Traffic acquisition & defining your channel groupings

    5. 5.5 - Engagement & Events

    6. 5.6 - Page engagement

    7. 5.7 - Monetization in GA4

    8. 5.8 - Retention & Customer lifetime value reports

    9. 5.9 User demographics

    10. 5.10 - Technology

    1. 6.1 - What are Explorations?

    2. 6.2 - Segments in GA4

    3. 6.3 - Setting up an eCommerce key metrics report using a Freeform exploration

    4. 6.4 - Setting up an eCommerce funnel with the Funnel exploration

    5. 6.5 - Exploring user behaviour with the Path exploration

    6. 6.6 - Examining audience insights with the Segment overlap exploration

    7. 6.7 - Analysing purchase cycles with the Cohort exploration

    8. 6.8 - Discover your most valuable long term growth channels using the User lifetime exploration

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  • 71 lessons
  • 5 x Data Studio Dashboard Templates
  • Access to all future updates & new lessons
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I'm your teacher, Kate

eCommerce Consultant & Growth Marketer

I’m not a data scientist or a developer - I’m an eCommerce nerd and growth marketer obsessed with data-based insights that make a real difference to online stores’ bottom line. I love getting my hands dirty, collaborating with experts and moving strategies out of the inbox and into action.

Over the last 6 years, I’ve built a consulting business directly growing the online revenues of success stories including Nimble Activewear, juliette hogan and Kat the Label. Together we've seen growth anywhere between 50-250% in a single year and Google Analytics is a fundamental pillar of that success.

GA is central to my day-to-day as an eCommerce strategist. I spend most days buried in data, searching for nuggets of insight that unlock opportunities and solve client challenges.
If my 12 years in digital have taught me anything, it’s this: Understanding your data is what separates the ‘coasters’ from the high-growth brands that are dominating eCommerce today.

I believe that whilst Google Analytics can seem overwhelming, once build up your confidence in using it, you’ll be addicted. Dare I say it, data can even be fun!

Whether you’re a business owner, strategist, designer or even a developer, I will teach you how to unlock real insights from your data that will help you make better business decisions every day. I hope you'll join me!

- Kate

Some of the stores I've grown

Start transitioning to GA4 now

Take control of your data & analytics and uncover insights that will grow your revenue.


  • Who is this course best for?

    This course is perfect for store owners, marketers, designers or developers looking to understand GA4 for the purposes of growth. I believe data literacy is the responsibility of anyone working in eCommerce simply because we have so much at our disposal and it can impact every area of a business, whether it be marketing, logistics, platform or product. I encourage anyone in eCommerce to join this course - you're guaranteed to uncover some insights and learn an analytics platform that will be hugely relevant for the next decade.

  • Do I need to have a GA4 account already setup?

    Absolutely not. If you do - great. If you don't, I'll be walking you through how to accurately set up your store on GA4.

  • Do I need to understand Universal Analytics to get value from this course?

    Whilst this course is a little less 101 than my original course on Universal Analytics, you do not require a working knowledge of Universal Analytics to learn GA4. That said, Universal Analytics is still going to be relevant until July 2023 and will be referenced in this course.

  • Does it matter what eCommerce platform I'm on?

    The majority of the course is platform agnostic and regardless of the platform you're on, GA4 operates relatively the same so long as your integration is accurately setup. I am a Shopify specialist, so the examples I provide will be predominantly centred around Shopify when it comes to integration for GA4. That said, I will direct you to integration options if you're on Magento, WooCommerce or Salesforce.

  • Can I share my login to this course with a friend or colleague?

    No. This course is strictly on a single user per account basis. If there is evidence of login sharing via IP detection, we reserve the right to remove you from this course.

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